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Workshop à la Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall

Du 9 au 14 mai 2016

Bad Reichenhall (Germany)

If you want to change the world, then change the way you look at it! Through the discipline of drawing, from rigorous observation, the student will be brought to confront the phenomenology of visual perception and all of the fundamental questions that such an adventure will provoke; »where do I come from, who am I, where am I going?« But first there must be a sort of »Tabula Rasa« of all preconceived ideas of what drawing is and what it can be used for, as a human activity. For this, all of the personal energies will be solicited and all of the senses will be stimulated. This intense research will naturally implicate, through intuition, the perception of color and thus, the student will become acquainted with his/her own chromatic personality. 
The objective of the course is to liberate, authentically and profoundly, the student so that he/she will be apt to embrace a new, richer vision of their own world. 
Achtung! Kurssprachen Englisch, Französisch.